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cycling training workshops


Do you want to know more about how to deal with injuries, set up your bike and become a stronger rider? We run workshops on a variety of topics to equip you with the knowledge to do this.

Our workshops are designed to allow small to medium groups (5-10 people) learn about specific topics in both theory and practice. This will allow better understanding of training, injuries, rehab etc as well as practical tips and exercises to go away with.


Each workshop is 60 minutes.

You will need comfortable gym wear, trainers and a water bottle.

What topic are you interested in?​

  • Core Training for cyclists (Anatomy, Function, Training Principles)

  • Strength Training for cyclists (Anatomy, Function, Training Principles)

  • Flexibility Training for cyclists (Anatomy, Function, Training Principles)

  • The Self Help Guide to Bike Fitting

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cycling strength training class

Looking to improve your strength, flexibility, and core stability?

We offer practical classes suitable for all levels and can be tailored to your needs.


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