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Pre Purchase Bike Sizing

Getting the right fit on your bike can be the difference between an enjoyable ride and a miserable experience; a new personal best or another sub par performance; or worse still even picking up an injury or developing pain that stops you riding.

Getting a bike fit on your current bike can optimise your comfort, performance and overall enjoyment on the bike but what about when you are buying a new bike?

Here are some common queries and stumbling blocks around new bike sizing:

  • It is possible to use my current bike to assist in sizing for a new bike?

  • My current bike doesn’t suit me or fit me very well.

  • I am looking to get into gravel riding but I only have a road bike, should I get the same size?

  • I am hoping to start racing this year and want to get an aero bike, how do I get the fastest set up?

  • This is my first road bike, i’ve only ever ridden a hybrid bike before.

All of these elements can be addressed in a Pre-Purchase Bike Sizing appointment. Our philosophy is that, first, we should work to find the fit that best suits your riding / comfort / performance needs without constraint and then we can assist you in finding the bike that will fulfil those criteria.

This process starts by taking some of your measurements such as height, inseam, arm length etc. But then we go further; looking at your movement patterns, flexibility and strength as this will give us a clearer picture of what sort of bikes will work better for you compared to others.

Next up it’s time to get riding! For the ride testing and positional assessment we use our state of the art Wahoo KICKR Bike alongside some other specialist sizing equipment to test out a wide range of possible positions. This will allow us to establish the best fit on key components, such as:

  • Frame Size

  • Frame Geometry

  • Bar Width

  • Stem Length and Angle

  • Crank Length

  • Saddle Choice

  • Seatpost Type

Once we have arrived at a position that is working well for you we can then take these measurements and start to see which bikes will work best for you. We can draw up a short list based on your desirable criteria for the new bike alongside the information we have gained from the session.

Then comes the exciting part, ordering your new bike!!

The final piece of the puzzle is to bring in your shiny new bike to clinic and get £50 off your Bike Fit follow-up session to get your fit perfectly dialled in.

To book in for your Pre-Purchase Bike Sizing Appointment - CLICK HERE

For more information please email us on

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