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If you are a health professional working with cyclists or want to learn more about cycling injuries and how to deal with them more effectively take a look at our range of CPD courses.

Current Courses

Physio Cycling Camp - Girona - 2024

Date: June 1st to 7th

Location: Girona, Spain

The Bike The Body has teamed up with 'Trust me Physiotherapist' one of the leading physio education providers in the world to deliver this amazing CPD experience.


Why sit in a boring lecture theatre when you can travel to the mecca of cycling and fully immerse yourself in a learning experience like no other?!

We will be staying in a stunning villa in the Girona hills surrounded by some of the best roads to ride in Europe. We will have a private chef providing breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will get the chance to learn and network with like-minded health professionals both through the course itself and also out riding your bike. 

Course Summary 

Do you see cyclists in your clinic and want to be able to manage them more effectively?

This course takes a comprehensive approach to cover all aspects of cycling-related injuries both on and off the bike. You will be able to advance your knowledge and skills of assessing cycling injuries, understanding cycling biomechanics and its impact on performance and injuries as well as an introduction to bike fitting and how it can be applied in the clinical setting.

This immersive four-day course will cover both theory and practical elements with live bike fitting and group exercise sessions.

Stay up to date with all the lastest course information:

For course bookings please head over to the Trust Me Physiotherapist website:

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