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A bike fit has the capacity to the change the way you ride. 

Improving comfort, performance, efficiency, and reducing risk of injury.

The underpinning principle at The Bike The Body is that you should ‘enjoy your ride’. Therefore the philosophy of our Bike Fitting process is that 'you' are at the centre of it. 

Our services

Bike Fitting Services

We offer a range of Bike Fit appointments at our clinic location in Shaw which is just 20 minutes outside of Bath. See below for more details. 

We also now offer Full Custom Insole Fitting sessions using state of the art technology and the Sidas Custom Pro insole, trusted by amateurs all the way up to the Astana Pro Cycling Team. Read more about Custom Insoles HERE

 Appointments are also available to help set up cleats, new shoe sizing and fitting and saddle pressure mapping - read  more about pressure mapping HERE


Studio Bike Fit Sessions

Perfect for new cyclists wanting to get their first bike set up comfortably.
Allow 1hr 30min
Key features:
Rider Interview, history, injuries, goals
Basic Bike Fit Measurements (saddle height, tilt, setback, reach, drop)
Positional Analysis while riding with feedback
A comprehensive fitting session with advanced motion analysis.
Allow 3hrs
Key features:
Comprehensive physio screening exam - including strength, flexibility and limb symmetry
Dynamic Performance Testing
Individualised Rehab Plan to work on weaknesses

See all features

Rider Interview, history, injuries, goals
Physical Movement Screening
Comprehensive physiotherapy screening exam - including strength, flexibility and limb symmetry
Basic Bike Fit Measurements (saddle height, tilt, setback, reach, drop)
Full Bike Set up Measurements (cranks, pedals, cleats, bar width, lever position
Positional Analysis while riding with feedback
Video Analysis (with key angle measurements)
Dynamic Performance Testing
Leomo 3D-Motion Analysis
Adjustment of saddle and bars
Use of Adjustable stem to find optimal position
Cleat Positioning
Cleat and insole shimming and wedging
Footbeds Fitting / Testing (if needed, additional cost)
Advice on areas to work on strength/flexibility
Individualised Rehab Plan to work on weaknesses
Summary of Session
Detailed report of bike fit and position

Gebiomized Saddle Pressure Mapping

1h 30 — £150

If you have been having problems with your saddle then this is the service for you. Too many cyclists put up with saddle sores, painful pressure points, and tingling or even numbness in genitalia owing to poor saddle interaction.

Instead of spending £££ buying dozens of saddles trying to find the right one let us use state of the art saddle pressure mapping technology to diagnose the source of your problems and find your perfect saddle.


Sidas Custom Pro Insoles

Your feet sit at the end of the kinetic chain of the lower limb and as such they are the delivery point of all the force you generate to the pedal. Therefore it is critical that this contact point is optimised for both comfort and performance. 

sidas foot station.jpg

Nearly all cycling shoes come with a fairly standard ‘sockliner’ or insole which is little more than a contoured piece of slim foam. It provides very little if any meaningful foot contact, connection or indeed stability. Cycling shoes themselves tend to have pretty rigid soles to improve power transfer and performance. However, this combination can often leave the rider with sore feet, hot spots, and tingling toes. This is where a well design and individualised footbed (insole) comes in. 

At The Bike The Body we are delighted to have a state-of-the-art Sidas Custom Foot station where we can mould a completely bespoke set of insoles to the exact contours of both of your feet individually. We use the Custom Pro insole, used and developed by the Astana Pro Cycling team, which provides incredible force transmission, stability and all day comfort.

Sidas Custom Pro insoles can be fitted as part of a Full Bike Fit session or as a standalone session if you are already happy with your current bike fit but just need to upgrade your foot comfort and performance. 

Book your Sidas Custom Insole session here:

I saw Bryan for a bike fit because I had been getting low back pain during longer rides on my road bike. The whole experience was great. The problem has since completely resolved. I couldn’t recommend this service more. 

Chris J, Recreational Cyclist

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