a physio assessing cycling injury



Types of injuries

  • Traumatic injuries following a crash or fall most commonly cause surface injuries (e.g bruises, abrasions aka road rash), fractures of the upper limb (collar bone, shoulder, wrist) and head injuries (concussions). 

Symptoms of Concussion can often go unnoticed 

If you have recently suffered a crash it is important to follow up with a doctor or specialist to assess for any signs of concussion.

  • Overuse injuries develop more gradually over time. They more commonly affect the hardest working muscles and joints. The most common areas for overuse injuries are the knees, followed by lower back. Identifying these injuries as early as possible is vital.

Common injuries

Illustration of a foot highlighting foot and ankle pain
physio assessing cycling injury

Injury holding you back?

We offer expert assessment to diagnose your injury and a comprehensive treatment approach to get you back to your best.

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