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Cycling Strength Training & Core Training Classes


There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition or moral support when it comes to pushing yourself in training.


We offer a number of off-bike exercise classes designed specifically for cyclists looking to improve performance, conditioning, strength and reduce injury risk.

Virtual 'Strength for cycling'

Every Wednesdays at 12pm 
1h — £8

This class focuses on developing strength in the key muscles needed to deliver more power when cycling. It will improve any muscle imbalances, reduce injury risk and improve not only your strength on the bike but also your endurance.

Virtual 'The cycling core'

Every Mondays at 6pm

1h — £8

This class is all about the core. This is the engine room of our ability to hold an effective position on the bike while delivering power to the pedals. If you get off the bike after a ride with a stiff and sore back or neck then this is the class for you. 

Our classes

Handle bar of a bike going downhill
Want to learn more about bike set-up, injuries and rehab?

We offer a series of workshops that cover theory and practical on a range of topics.

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