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Revolutionise Foot Comfort and Performance with Custom Cycling Insoles

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Foot pain, tingling and numbness is an extremely common problem amongst cyclists of all levels. Riders will often describe 'hot spots' on the sides of their feet or under toes, cramping in the arch of their feet or even tingling into the toes. There are a variety of reasons for why these problems develop but the two main culprits are poorly fitting shoes (often too narrow) or poor pressure distribution of the foot within the shoe.

Nearly all cycling shoes will come with a fairly limited insole 'liner' which is nothing more than lightly shaped foam to create the appearance of contour and support. In reality the insole does little other than cover the base plate of the shoe. It is certainly not individualised to your foot and it has no capacity to provide any meaningful support, contact, or sensory input to improve your comfort, efficiency, and performance.

An off the shelf insole with varying levels of 'support' or 'arch height' can be quite a useful solution and works quite well to improve the interaction between your foot and the rigid flat sole of your cycling shoe. However, it wont surprise you to learn that the breadth of our biodiversity spans a little broader than three different types of foot: low, medium, and high arch!

That's where fully custom insoles come in. We are delighted to now have a Sidas Custom Insole station at The Bike The Body. It is something we have been looking to add to our services for a long time so we can truly start from the ground up to create a fully bespoke and individualised set up for you shoes and bike fit.

This process allows us to capture the impression of each foot individually which ensures any differences between your feet are considered. Next, we can then work on optimising your foot position to improve pressure distribution across the cycling shoe and also achieve a more effective position to get the best performance out of your feet.

Once we have completed the moulds of your feet we can then apply the Sidas Bike Fit Pro insole to the mould so that it is modelled perfectly to your feet. Once cooled the insoles are ready to be trimmed, fitted, and tested so you can immediately feel the difference!

Check out our video below for a summary of what a Custom Insole session looks like at The Bike The Body, or hit the link below to book in and take your foot comfort and performance to the next level!

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