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COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Procedures

This policy has been drafted in line with current advice and guidance from GOV.UK, Public Health England and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) to best protect patients / clients and staff in the current circumstances.

These guidelines will be regularly reviewed and updated in line with any changes to current government policy for managing risk associated with Covid-19.

(UPDATED 10/08/2022)


Risk Assessment Considerations

Therapist Health

  • I (Bryan McCullough) declare that I do not have any symptoms of Covid-19 nor have I knowingly been in recent  contact with anyone who has symptoms of Covid-19 or is self isolating.

  • If I develop any symptoms or return a positive lateral flow test I will inform and cancel all patients booked in during this period.


Information and Communication

  • If the clinic is required to close due to me developing symptoms of Covid-19 or returning a positive test (as per above) all patients will be re-booked at the soonest possible and safe opportunity. Alternatively refunds for any pre-paid appointments will be offered.

  • All prospective clients will be asked to confirm that they do not have any symptoms of Covid-19 or a positive test in the last 5 days prior to attending any face to face appointments.

  • Please consider whether you may be at higher risk of severe complications if you contract Covid-19 and whether face to face treatment is appropriate - more information on Covid-19 risk factors HERE

  • If a client develops symptoms following a consultation they are asked to notify The Bike The Body as soon as possible.

  • The patient will be reminded that despite the measures put in place that there is still a small risk of covid-19 infection transmission and must acknowledge this prior to having treatment. 



  • A single entry / exit system is in place whereby each patient will notify their arrival for appointment by ringing the doorbell and are asked to wait in their car or outside the building until met at the door by the treating therapist. 

  • Patients are invited to choose whether they would like to wear a mask and if they would prefer their therapist to wear one also. 

  • The clinic room and any equipment used will be completely cleaned and disinfected between each appointment. 



  • It is understood that the addition of PPE merely reduces risk of transmission rather than mitigates the risk altogether, as such attention will be paid to all other ways to manage risk, such as rigorous hand washing etc.



  • All equipment will be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant between each use

  • Any single use equipment will be disposed of either on site (if pre arranged) in in waste to be removed following appointment. 

  • Any equipment provided to the client (e.g tape, exercise bands) will all be brand new and in its original packaging. 


Hand Washing

  • Rigorous hand washing will be completed before and after every appointment.



  • All payments will be completed via online transaction or contactless methods to avoid the need for handling monies. 


Source Material


  • NHS / Public Health England


  • Physio First

Please see the following link for the latest guidelines from the Government. (Jan 17th 2022) - HERE

Physio First

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