COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Procedures

This policy has been drafted in line with and based on guidance from GOV.UK and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) to ensure that all operations and procedures carried out by The Bike The Body are Covid-19 Secure. Updated July 18th 2021.


These guidelines will be regularly reviewed and updated in line with any changes to current government policy for managing risk associated with Covid-19. 

Risk Assessment Considerations

Therapist Health

  • I (Bryan McCullough) declare that I do not have any symptoms of Covid-19 nor have I been in contact with anyone who has symptoms of Covid-19 or is self isolating. 

  • Should there be any change to the above circumstances, all face to face appointments will be cancelled. Clients will be notified and refunded for their appointment charge if they have already paid. 

  • I will get tested for Covid-19 to establish if contact tracing needs to be carried out. 

  • If I test positive I will then complete the required period of self isolation (minimum 7 days) and will not return to work until I am completely symptom free. 

Information and Communication

  • All prospective clients will be required to complete and return a Covid-19 Screening Questionnaire to ensure they or anyone in there household are not currently symptomatic, isolating or have been advised to shield. 
  • If ‘YES’ is answered to any question on this screening, face to face treatment will not be deemed appropriate and virtual consult will be offered instead.
  • Appointments will also not be taken for those that have recently travelled abroad until they have completed the required period of self-isolation or completed the required tests to prove they do not have Covid-19. 

  • Prospective patients meeting any of the criteria listed below are asked to consider if a face to face appointment is essential or whether there needs could be met via virtual consult. 

    • Age > 70

    • BMI >40 (significantly overweight)

    • Weakened immune system

    • Comorbidities that cause immunosuppression:

      • Diabetes

      • HIV/AIDS

      • RA

      • Pre-existing infection

      • Alcohol abuse

      • Smoking

      • Long term steroid use

      • People with known cancer diagnosis and currently having active treatment.

  • If a client develops symptoms following a consultation they are asked to notify The Bike The Body so suitable contact can be made to any other clients that may be affected.

  • Further reference to this information will be contained within confirmation and reminder emails to ensure patients maintain their role and responsibility surrounding Covid-19 infection control. 

  • The patient will be reminded that despite the measures put in place that there is still a small risk of covid-19 infection transmission and must agree and consent to this. 


Environment (Clinic)

  • A single entry system will be in place whereby each patient will notify their arrival for appointment by text message and must remain in their car or outside the building until met at the door by the treating therapist. 

  • Patients will be requested to be wearing a mask on arrival at the clinic before entering the building and it must be worn throughout the duration of the appointment. 

  • Patients will then be required to wash their hands with soap and hot water and use the alcohol gel provided prior to commencement of the appointment. 

  • A block will be placed before and after each appointment to allow for the clinical room to be completely cleaned and disinfected at all areas in patient contact.

  • During this blocked period the clinic room door will be left open with a fan switched on to allow free flow of fresh air to circulate. 



  • Prior to commencement of any treatment, hands will be washed with soap and hot water followed by hand sanitiser (containing >60% alcohol) and the following pieces of PPE will be used:
    • Disposable apron (for close contact hands on assessment / treatment)

    • Surgical face mask. 

  • PPE will be disposed of on site with prior permission or removed from the premises via waste bag.

  • It is understood that the addition of PPE merely reduces risk of transmission rather than mitigates the risk altogether, as such attention will be paid to all other ways to manage risk, such as rigorous hand washing, social distancing etc.



  • All equipment will be thoroughly cleaned with disinfectant between each use
  • Any single use equipment will be disposed of either on site (if pre arranged) in waste to be removed following appointment. 
  • Any equipment provided to the client (e.g tape, exercise bands) will all be brand new and in its original packaging. 


Hand Washing

  • Rigorous hand washing will be completed before and after every appointment.



  • Where possible all payments will be completed via contactless, card or online transaction to avoid the need for handling monies. 

Source Material



  • Public Health England

Please see the following link for the latest guidelines from the Government. 

COVID-19 - Face to Face Physio and Bike Fitting is now available in line with our policy