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man wearing a blue top and a red helmet going down hill on a bike


By combining years of experience in both physiotherapy and bike fitting, 'The Bike The Body' is on a mission to help riders achieve their goals and enjoy their ride - whether its commuting to work, riding a sportive or racing. 

Getting the bike and the body to work together seamlessly can be a complex task. Bicycles are, by their nature, symmetrical machines while we, as humans, are wildly unique and have an endless array of shapes, sizes, proportions, asymmetries and imbalances. We also differ quite dramatically in our expectations, perceptions, understanding and goals.


Integrating these principles is the core philosophy at'The Bike The Body' so we can help riders to be at their best.

Profile picture of Bryan McCullough

Bryan McCullough

BSc (Hons) Physio

MSc (Sports Medicine)

IBFI Level 2 Certified Bike Fitter 

I have been working in musculoskeletal medicine for over 16 years. I have been a passionate cyclist since I can remember so combining these two passions was a no brainer. I have worked with cyclists from commuters to elite athletes and always found the need to help these riders beyond seeing them in clinic.

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